The standard mare crushes at Agnes Banks have served us well.
The measurements are listed below:

Height at sides:               1200 mm
Height of rear gate:           950 mm
Width:                               700 mm (internal)
Length:                           1800 mm (internal)

A stud breeding predominantly large mares might increase the front and side walls, but this rear gate height has worked well for mares of all sizes, and should NOT be increased.

Horse Crushes start from around $990 in kit form, please call Yara on 0414 745 836 or click here for his website.

OHS Guidelines have caused Agnes Banks Equine Clinic to adopt a policy for mare examination, which reads as follows:
“All reproductive ultrasound examinations on mares must take place in a suitably designed and secure examination crush. No examination, rectal or otherwise, should be performed if the individual veterinarian feels himself or herself to be at risk.”

There is an obligation on both Agnes Banks Equine Clinic and horse owners to provide a safe workplace. This policy will mean that owners will have to provide a suitable facility, or transport the mare to the clinic. Installing a crush is a relatively straightforward process, and will pay dividends in terms of convenience, piece of mind, and quality of work. It is important to consider a few key points before installing a crush. We would be happy to offer advice or help.

  • The crush should be safe and secure, and of the correct dimensions.
  • Ultrasound examination must be performed in subdued light, preferably inside a building.
  • The crush should have clear access from the rear, and preferably both sides at the back.
  • Power and cold water should be on hand.
  • Walk-through crushes work best.