At Agnes Banks Equine Clinic we have an advanced reproduction laboratory, a breeding shed with a phantom mount, on-site mares available for live cover collections for stallions, pens for both mares and foals, and large paddocks for our surrogate mares. We provide stallion owners assistance with semen collection and evaluation, as well as cooling, freezing, and shipment of the semen. In addition, our fertility unit offers frozen semen storage for on-site use and Australia wide semen distribution.  We will also be stocking semen from The Stallion Company based in France.  Click here for more information.

Our services also include:

  • Breeding Soundness Exams for both mares and stallions for prepurchase examinations, pre-season evaluations and “problem” mare/stallion work ups.
  • Treatment and Breeding Management for mares with uterine infections, uterine clearance problems and uterine cysts.
  • Twin/triplet Pregnancy Management at variable stages of gestation.
  • Evaluation and Management Consultations/Recommendations for High Risk Pregnancies.
  • Post Foaling foal examinations, placental evaluations and quantitative evaluation of foal IgG.
  • Abortion Case Management and Diagnostics.
  • Surgical Procedures, including perineal body reconstruction, urethral extensions, recto-vaginal fistulas and cervical lacerations, and standing laparoscopic procedures such as spay (ovariectomy) and ovarian tumour removal.

Despite the steep challenges involving sub-fertile mares and stallions, we are dedicated to improving fertility in all our equine patients. Seeing a healthy newborn foal beside its dam makes it all worthwhile. However we understand that ultimately we can only ‘assist’ nature in achieving conceptions and so we won’t hesitate to inform you if we believe that we have exhausted all options. However, believe us when we say that we will keep trying and discussing all management options for your mare or stallion to achieve pregnancies whenever possible.