Collaboration between ABEC and University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle and Agnes Banks Equine Clinic are excited to be able to offer a new treatment option for horses with skin tumours. The treatment involves a non-invasive type of radiation therapy. The equipment used to treat the cancer allows for tumours in certain locations to be treated more effectively using radiation that is generated electronically.

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Welcome to ABEC and thank you for contacting us. If you would like to refer a case in, you can always call us on 02 4588 5200.

Agnes Banks Equine Clinic is proud to offer a full complement of veterinary services including lameness evaluations, pre-purchase examinations and a full range of reproduction services including embryo transfer.  The clinic boasts a well-equipped surgery, has resources for intensive care patients and has both surgery and medicine specialists on staff.   We provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency service.

Our hospital has:

  • Fully equipped surgery.
  • Three recovery boxes.
  • Intensive care foal unit.
  • Digital X Ray.
  • Digital Ultrasound.
  • Scintigraphy (Bone Scanning).
  • Video Endoscopy including exercising endoscopy.
  • Two diagnostic imaging rooms.
  • Fully equipped reproductive breeding barn.
  • Pathology Laboratory,
  • Reproductive Laboratory.
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Irap and Stem Cell Therapy

If the referral is urgent please give the office (or one of our vets) a call.