ABEC has a well equipped laboratory that is able to process blood tests including haematology, biochemistry and a range of other investigations that may be required in the investigation of a horse’s problem. Additional in-house laboratory facilities include blood lactate measurement, triglycerides measurement, foal IgG quantification and blood gas analysis. Faecal egg counts are routinely undertaken in the lab to enable clients to ensure that their deworming program is optimal.

Our reproductive laboratory is equipped to process chilled and frozen semen, and frozen semen storage is available.

The lab is also set up to harvest and process stems cells, platelet rich plasma (PRP) and IRAP therapy for lameness therapy. The best candidates for this therapy are horses with joint inflammation (synovitis) and early osteoarthritis.  If you think one of these therapies might be indicated for your horse, please contact us at the clinic to discuss.

Our in-house lab is supported by a commercial laboratory which undertakes specialist tests.