The clinic operates 6 ultrasound machines; one large state of the art digital machine, two portable digital machines and 4 portable reproduction scanners. The clinic has 2 portable digital x ray machines which provide excellent image quality of limbs in particular. In the hospital, an overhead mounted CR machine allows imaging of difficult areas, including the head, chest and abdomen.

We also offer nuclear scintigraphy unit (bone scanning). This allows imaging of areas unable to be imaged using ultrasound or radiography, or in horses where the problem cannot be localised using nerve or joint blocks.

Agnes Banks also has a hospital based videoendoscopy set up for performing endoscopy of the upper airway, stomach, urinary and reproductive tract. There are three portable endoscopes, including one videoendoscope, used for airway assessment in the field. In addition, we have an over the ground endoscope for performing upper airway evaluation in horses during exercise.