Our surgery team is comprised of experienced equine surgeons, specialised with the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. With years of both academic and private practice experience, our surgeons have a diverse range of skills they bring to the practice. Our facilities include an operating theatre and multiple recovery/induction boxes and an alternate standing surgery suite.

The surgical case load is broad and includes arthroscopy, fracture repair, angular limb deformities in foals, cryptorchid castration, ovariectomy, soft tissue and gastrointestinal surgery and reproduction/obstetric procedures.  We perform surgeries under general anaesthesia which is administered and controlled by veterinarians and includes the use of the latest monitoring equipment.

In addition, we perform a range of procedures using standing sedation and local anaesthesia including tiebacks, laser surgery, sinus surgery, laparoscopic procedures, and back surgery. We also have experienced dental veterinarians who perform complex dental procedures in collaboration with our surgery team.